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We have a BIG announcement! All new 6x8 journaling paper packs coming to the shop!

Exciting news for all paper enthusiasts! A new line of physical paper packs is making its way to the shop. These 6x8 papers are not your average sheets - they are double-sided and incredibly versatile. Let's dive into the details of what makes these paper packs a must-have for any crafting project.

What makes these paper packs special?

These paper packs are designed with versatility in mind. One side of the paper is specifically tailored for The Notebook Assembly and pocket page systems. This means you can easily incorporate these papers into your journaling or scrapbooking projects with ease. The other side of the paper can be used as a 6x8 full-size sheet, perfect for any other creative endeavor or layout you have in mind.

Why choose double-sided papers?

Double-sided papers offer twice the creative possibilities. You can mix and match patterns, colors, and designs to create unique and eye-catching projects. Whether you prefer a cohesive look or a more eclectic style, these double-sided papers have you covered.

How can you make the most of these paper packs?

With the versatility of these papers, the possibilities are endless. Use them to create custom dividers for your planner, embellishments for your cards, or backgrounds for your layouts. The high-quality paper ensures that your projects will look professional and polished every time.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these double-sided, 6x8 paper packs to your crafting arsenal. Stay tuned for their arrival in the shop and get ready to take your projects to the next level!

As always, the digital versions will be available as well.



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