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I am owner/designer Andrea.  I am glad you found our page!

I started Journals for Life as a creative outlet at first.  My day job dabbles in graphic design and I had so many ideas I wanted to try out. I have made my custom designs for my own journals and travel notebooks for a few years now.  With the opportunity to stay home during the pandemic, I wasn't commuting long hours to work and back and had time to explore some of my ideas.

My vision is to offer creatives a way to tell stories in an intimate and impactful way. Whether that is traveling, everyday life or memory keeping, our products are designed to be easy to use and make life simple for you.  At this time, we are offering collections that are released monthly with targeted themes.

Coming in January 2022, we will offer a monthly kit subscription that will be less themed and more journal focused. The kit will come with sketches and journaling prompts to help you record your memories and journaling throughout each month.  

We also vet our manufacturing sources and use companies that are eco friendly and the materials used are ethically sourced.

I love to hear great stamp ideas. If you have any, be sure to send my way: JournalsForLife@outlook.com 

Additionally, if you are wholesaler, kit club or store and are looking for information about wholesale inventory or collaborations,  check out my other pages here: Wholesale or Kit Club Collaboration


Andrea Warren

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