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Travel Notebook Storage Solutions Are Here!

Travel Notebook Storage

Hey friends!

We shared our folios with you recently. Since then, we have received our hard back albums in as well. We are so excited to bring these storage solutions to you for your travel notebook inserts!  A hardback album that is similar to a scrapbook album and a folio that is a lighter album made of chipboard.  Here they are side by side.


The album is made of hardback board covered in linen art cover. It feels like a canvas. It can be painted with acryllic paint or left as is for a nice white look.  It has 4 elastics on the inside and can hold up to four standard size travel notebook inserts.  


The folio is made of lighter board, more like a heavy chipboard that is smooth, has rounded corners, four elastics to hold inserts and an elastic closure. It can be covered in patterned paper or left as is for a nice black and white look. 


If you would like to see these up close, I did an overview of them on my YouTube channel here.

Tell us what you think fans!  Is this something you will use?  If you purchased some, link us up with your pictures!


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