Letters to Santa Collection Now Available! IT IS HERE!

Letters to Santa

I wanted to come by and tell you all how Letters to Santa came to be.  I am naturally an introvert and do most of my Christmas shopping online.  I also send a good bit of cheer out through the post office and, in this pandemic environment, feel that a lot of us are going to be sending and receiving a lot of packages this Christmas season.  Thus, letters to Santa was born.

This collection has cute mail trucks, packages, gift wrap, twine and scissors to document our gift giving (and maybe even receiving).  I also remember when my kids used to write Letters to Santa and we would address it to the North Pole. I never sent those letters, but would put them in my scrapbook instead. I have some airmail envelopes in the shop if you and your kids would like to write a Letter to Santa :-)

Don't forget to put those cute postmarks on it as well!

I hope you enjoy this fun collection as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Andrea Warren
Journals for Life

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  • Really cute stamp set! Love the fun postmark designs!

    Denise Bryant

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