How to use a clear stamp

Hi JFL Fans!

Today, I thought I would share how to use a clear stamp.  There are many new stampers out there who purchase JFL stamps and to get the best use of your stamp, I am going to give you the steps on grabbing those stamps, getting them ready and making beautiful projects!

Step 1:

The first thing you do is open your package and peel a stamp from the clear backer and place your clear stamp on a stamp block. I use and sell Catherine Pooler premium dye ink and stamp blocks. Stamp blocks can be found here and ink can be found here.    The flat side should be on the block and the impression side face up. Like below.

Step 2: 

Prepare your stamp.  Many times, it takes stamping a few quick times to test the stamp and ink to get the right look you are going for.  If you like a lighter look, or are using a stamp in a project with paper that may have bleed through, a pigment ink is a good choice. 

My preference is either a premium dye ink or an archival ink  Both of these types of ink give a clear, crisp impression.

If you don't get a clear impression after stamping a couple times, try out this video where I give 3 tips on getting a good impression. It talks about the importance of foundation, prepping your stamp and how to choose the right ink. 3 Tips On Getting a Good Impression.

Step 3:

Ink up your stamp and press it onto your paper or cardstock.  Smooth surface paper or cardstock is better. Anything with a texture will make the stamp look mottled.  Archival ink like Ranger dries quickly, but it takes a few seconds for premium dye ink to dry. Set your impression aside to dry a few seconds.


And that my friends, is it!  Congratulations! You are now a certified clear stamper. Welcome to the stamping ranks!

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