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How to organize and store travel notebook inserts

HI JFL Fans!

I have asked myself this question, how do I organize and store travel notebook inserts?  This question came to mind as I have looked at my pile of TNs stacking up and realized there are not any storage solutions available.  I do have some travel notebook journal covers that I use when I take my TNs on the go.  But, those are not very efficient at storing them once the insert is completed.


I was inspired by this conundrum to design a storage solution that was straightforward, easy and not super expensive.  So, JFL exclusive Travel Notebook Folios came to be!  These folios measure 5"x9" and most standard size travel notebook inserts fit in it, including our exclusive inserts.

With a generous 2.75" spine that allows for storing 2-3 heavily embellished books, or store 4 flat to medium embellished books.  It works the same as a travel notebook cover, but this little guy is created for shelf storage.


I was so excited to get them in last week.  I grabbed a pile of standard size Travel Notebook Inserts and organized them on my shelf.  I used my Brother label maker for the labels.  There are also file folder stick on labels from office stores that would work for this too.  Linked above are the ones I bought for another project that I will be sharing soon.

These folios can also be covered with patterned paper or dashboards!  Our standard size TN papers are perfect for that. 

Are your inserts piling up>  Grab some folios and start organizing!


Buy 1 Travel Notebook folio for $7.99 (any coupons codes will apply)


Buy a bulk of 5 for $25 at $5 each (no coupon codes will apply)

Happy organizing friends!  Tell us what you think about our storage solution below.


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  • Is this 5 folios for $25 offer still available? I tried to get 5 in the site, but the price was not discounted so I got 2. First time buyer but excited to try out your product!

    Joseph Marquez

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