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Andrea's Plant Lady Gallery

Hi JFL Fans!
This month's kits really speak to my heart.  I love all things plants.... In fact, if you were around last year, in the beginning, when I opened my shop, you will know that the Plant Lady stamp sets are my flagship stamp.  It was the very first stamp I designed and launched in the store.  In fact, it was the ONLY thing in the store for a little while :-)
I made some new projects with the stamps and a couple albums to flip through. I gathered all of my plant pictures that were sitting in a box.  I really never had a place to put them...random flowers, new plants, things that grow in the yard. I decided to dedicate this month to them and give them a proper place to live.  Below are some of my layouts from the book. 
Here is the cover page of my book.  This JFL branded travel notebook comes in the kit this month!  So excited to offer a coordinating travel notebook.  I used an ephemera piece, washi and most of my embellishment pack to decorate the cover.  Can you see that cute succulent fabric sticking out?  I adore adding fabric touches to my albums.
In the above photo, we were touring Ravine Gardens. It it a beautiful state park in Florida. My daughter took this picture and I was pretty impressed.  I really wanted to put this 4x6 in the book, so I just cut it to fit on the page.
There is a story behind this cute little frog. I passed him all the time at work. We had a big wall of windows. He always hung out at the bottom.  He was really tiny.  One day I paused and took a photo of him.  I was glad I did, I no longer work there and I miss seeing my little bud.
There was a long story behind this lily.  Before moving to Florida, we lived in a house that was 100+ years old.  In doing renovations, I discovered a heavily compacted lily bed.  I read up on how to cull them and what would make them bloom.  I dug several feet, culled lots of the bulbs, gave TONS away to neighbors and then replanted the bed.  This lily was the fruit of all of that labor.  It was the first lily that had bloomed the 9 years we had been in that house.
Just recently, we replanted our front beds with Blue Daze and succulents. Both are supposed to be super hardy in Florida. It has been very difficult to keep anything alive because our front yard gets full sun most of the day.  Althought our whole family worked on this project, no one was up for getting a picture with me except Alex.
Can you see a little Spring Friends collection mixed in there? I had to take this picture for a work shout out. Since it had a beautiful magnolia wreath in it, I thought I would document how much I love being a "plant lady".
On vacation about 4 years ago in the mountains of North Carolina, I was so impressed by all of the beautiful flower beds in the tiny town we stayed in.  We stopped and got this picture.  I was super jealous and have North Carolina on my retirement list now #plantladygoals
I will post a full flip through at the end of the month on Youtube. I have two books I am working in.  Lots of Plant Lady photos!
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